Help!! My kids won’t brush their teeth!

We’ve all been there. One of the most rewarding things to hear in our office is when our patient’s parents tell us how much their children love coming to the dentist. We adore our patients and coming to the office gives them a chance to interact with us and get excited about oral health. Our goal is to make their experience fun and educational and leave them wanting to come back.

Here’s some tips for home use:

It’s a good idea to let your child know that toothbrushing is not a choice. Remind them that just like we clean our bodies and take care of them, we must also take care of our teeth.

Let your child pick their toothbrush and tooth paste. There are so many choices nowadays! Check out your local pharmacy for some really cool options and bring your child along for the fun. Make it exciting!

Make a game of the experience. Timer race is a great one. Set a timer for 2 minutes and challenge your child to see who can get the most cookie bugs off their teeth. Then play dentist and check each others teeth to see what a great job you each did.

Make tooth brushing an experience.  Sing a special toothbrushing song. We love The toothbrushing song

All in all, the idea is to get the kids to want to brush their teeth.  Later on we can worry about things like technique and accuracy. For now, let's make it fun and create good oral habits that will lead to a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles.

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